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Home/Office Selection Service


Terms and Conditions


We are committed to providing each customer with a first class, professional service from start to finish. To make sure we can provide this promise we have set out below our terms and conditions, so you can see what you can expect from us when you place an order and what we expect of you in return.

Please ensure to read these terms and conditions so any possible misunderstandings are avoided.



‘We, Us, Our, Ourselves’ – In these terms and conditions we define ‘We’, ‘Us’, Our, ‘Ourselves’ as Acorn Carpets.

‘Service/Services’ – Service/Services will refer to any type of work we provide.

‘Carpets and Floor-coverings’ – Carpets will mean carpets only. Floor-coverings will refer to solid and engineered wood, laminate and vinyl.

‘Customer’ – Customer means any person, company or firm who enlists Acorn Carpets to carry out any work.

‘Fitter’ – Fitter means the self employed floor layer who is introduced by Acorn Carpets and enlisted to carry out the installation of carpets and floor-coverings for the customer.

‘Home Selection Service’ – Home Selection Service means Acorn Carpets will bring their selection of thousands of samples to your home or office at a time to suit you, for you to choose in situ without the altering effects of shop lighting. We will then measure areas to be quoted and provide you with an exact quotation.



. Unless otherwise agreed in writing by us these terms and conditions shall apply to all work we provide and shall override any terms or conditions stipulated or referred to by the customer whether in the order or in any negotiation.

. By ordering our services by telephone, email, fax, online or in person the customer agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

. We reserve the right to change any part of these terms and conditions without giving any prior notice.



. A 50% deposit of the total order value is required to initiate an order with the balance being payable once the work is completed and before the fitter leaves the premises.

. All supply only orders must be paid for in full before any goods are ordered.

. All payments can be made by either cash or credit/debit card. Please note we do not accept cheques.



Fitting payment is a separate charge and is required to be paid by cash direct to the fitter upon satisfactory completion of the said works.



We reserve the right to charge interest on late payments at 3% over bank base rate.




Home Selection Service:

. All home selection service appointment times are generally made within a 3 hour time slot. Due to the nature of the work involved these appointment times cannot be guaranteed and serve only as approximate times. We cannot accept liability for delayed arrival times.

. Should you need to cancel a home selection service please provide us with at least 1 working days notice.



. Appointment times of either AM (8-12) or PM (12-5) will be given. Due to the nature and unpredictability of the work involved we cannot give a more precise time and exact arrival and duration times cannot be guaranteed. We cannot accept liability for delayed arrival times or prolonged fitting times.

. Should you need to cancel a fitting appointment please provide us with at least 1 working days notice otherwise a cancellation charge will apply.

. Should the fitter be unable to gain access at the appointed fitting time a separate call out charge will be applied to make a new fitting date.



As soon as an order is confirmed all goods are cut/destocked and allocated to your invoice. Therefore no refunds on orders taken can be given.





. Please note our prices do not include the moving of any furniture. We kindly ask you to remove all furniture from areas to be fitted before we arrive.

. If required we can move furniture and a separate charge will be applied. We only move larger items such as sofas and tables, we do not move personal belongings, clothing, ornaments and other small items. Wardrobes, cabinets etc. must be emptied of all contents if we are to move them. We kindly ask you to move all smaller items out of the room before we arrive and we will move the larger items where a separate charge has been applied.

. We do not accept responsibility for any damage to furniture or electrical equipment that we move.

. Please be sure if you are replacing furniture not to drag heavy items across newly fitted carpets as this may cause them to loosen and ruck and a re-stretch may be required which will incur a minimum call out charge. Dragging heavy furniture across newly fitted floor-coverings may cause marks or tears which will be irreparable.



. Our prices do not include moving any appliances. We kindly ask you to move all appliances out of areas to be fitted before we arrive.

. If required we can move appliances and a separate charge will be applied. All appliances to be moved where applicable must be fully unplumbed and ready to be moved.

. We do not accept responsibility for any damage to appliances that we move.

. Please be sure if you are replacing appliances not to drag them across newly fitted floor-coverings as this may cause them to mark or tear and this will be irreparable.             

. Dragging appliances across newly fitted carpets may cause them to loosen and ruck and a re-stretch may be required which will incur a minimum call out charge.


Old carpets/floor-coverings:

. Our prices do not include uplifting and disposing of old carpets and floor-coverings.

. We kindly ask that you have all carpets/floor-coverings removed before we arrive.

. If required we can uplift and dispose of old carpets and floor-coverings and a separate charge will be applied.



. At Acorn Carpets we bring the showroom to your home or office, offering a home/office selection and measuring service.

. Should a customer contact us providing us with the exact type of carpet or floor-covering they require along with there own measurements of areas to be fitted, we will make allowances on these sizes and place an order. We cannot be held liable for carpets or floor-coverings that do not fit if customers have provided us with their own measurements that prove to be incorrect.

. Alternatively we can provide an estimated price over the phone prior to measuring. An estimated price will be approximate based on the sizes you provide us with and cannot be taken as a quotation. An exact quotation will be provided when we carry out a site survey/measure.



. Some subfloors may require preparation before carpets or floor-coverings can be fitted.

. Uneven floorboards or gaps between floorboards may require hardboard or plywood to be fitted to make the floor suitable for carpets or floor-coverings to be fitted.

. Uneven or chipped concrete floors may require a latex screed to completely level the floor making it suitable for carpets or floor-coverings to be fitted.

. We provide a subfloor preparation service at an extra charge. We do not guarantee that this will make a subfloor entirely even or level.

. If a subfloor has not been prepared we cannot be held liable for imperfections to carpets and floor-coverings being fitted to imperfect subfloors.

. We are unable to replace or carry out any remedial work to loose floorboards.



. All protective treatments we apply to carpets are done so in compliance with the manufacturers instructions. These treatments are not designed to give unlimited protection, but to assist in repelling spills for a reasonable period of time.

. All treatments will eventually wear off, the more foot traffic a carpet receives the quicker the treatment will wear.

. We do not guarantee that protective treatments will stop 100% of liquids spilled from penetrating fibres.



. Carpets are soft products and flattening of the pile will occur as a result of usage. Flattening may change the shade of the carpet (shading) and this may be permanent (pile reversal). This may appear to be random but this is not a fault. Areas of high foot traffic are especially prone to such changes in appearance. The side of the pile may appear to be a slightly different colour to the ends. Changes in direction or angle of the pile may change the shade of the carpet and this may appear patchy. Such changes do not affect the durability of the carpet.

. During transportation and storage, carpet pile may become slightly crushed and this will show as shaded bands across the pile. These will disappear as the carpet settles into its new environment and as the pile is flexed through regular use and vacuum cleaning.

. Carpet colours vary from batch to batch and the exact matching between separate pieces of carpet (especially 4metre and 5metre rolls) cannot be guaranteed.

. Gripper pins can be felt through the carpet close to skirting boards and on stairs. This is normal, but you can ask the fitter to flatten the pins during installation. This will affect whether or not the gripper can be reused and may affect the fixing of the carpet.

. All widths of carpet are approximate and within a tolerance of plus or minus 1.25% in accordance with BS3655.

. All new carpets benefit from the use of a good quality underlay. Reusing existing underlay may result in abnormal flattening of the carpet pile and faster wearing.

. If a carpet is fitted as a stair runner to open sided stairs (stair spindles) underlay may be visible in some cases and there will be a void between the carpet and stairs. This is normal and is not a fitting fault.

. All of our fitters carry out their work with the upmost of care, but even with the greatest care home décor may be scuffed or marked during the fitting process. New wallpaper and paintwork are especially vulnerable and should be allowed to dry for a minimum of two weeks. Neither we nor our fitters can be held liable for any marks or scuffs caused.

. We require written notification if any pipes are less than 2”(5cm) below the surface of the floor. We cannot be held liable for any damage caused if we are not made aware of this in writing.

. We require written notification if any alarm, internet or T.V cables are underneath your carpets. We cannot be held liable for any damage caused if we are not made aware of this in writing.

. Customers are required to inspect all carpets and floor-coverings once fitted and to sign a satisfactory notice sheet stating that they are happy with the work that has been carried out.

. Carpets and floor-coverings exposed to high levels of sunlight (such as in conservatories) may fade in colour over a period of time. This is not a fault and we cannot be held liable for this.

. Cushionflor vinyl can be fitted in any area of the home providing the subfloor is level. However, please be aware that furniture and appliances may cause indentation marks and dragging furniture or appliances may tear the cushionflor vinyl. Dragging furniture or appliances over laminate or wood flooring may cause marking or scratching of the surface of the flooring.

. We ask you to ensure there is sufficient clearance between doors and floors before we arrive. Should you require us to ease any doors additional charges will apply. We cannot be held liable for any damage to your carpets or floor-coverings if there is insufficient door clearance.

. Keys can be left in a safe place or collected by us prior to a fitting date if a customer cannot be on site at the time of fitting. We can post keys through a letter box once the work is completed but cannot be held liable if keys are misplaced or stolen.

. Uneven/unlevel subfloors that are not prepared by either hardboard/plywood or screeding may show through carpets or floor-coverings. Floorboards may show through a carpet or vinyl and uneven floors may cause carpets or floor-coverings to have an abnormal appearance.

. We recommend the use of vacuum cleaners with rotating brushes on cut pile carpets but suction only for loop pile carpets.

. Our prices for uplift and dispose, or moving of furniture do not include clearing of debris from tradesmen or building work.

. Complaints must be made within 1 working day of work being completed otherwise they will not be taken into consideration.

. If a striped or patterned carpet is fitted and walls or stairs run out a stripe or pattern will not line up properly and we cannot be held liable for this.

. Solid and engineered wood are a natural product and will have knots varying in size and will be treated with filler by the manufacturer.

. If a join in a carpet or vinyl is required the customer must sign to acknowledge they are aware that a join will not be invisible.

. Customers are advised against ordering a loop pile carpet if they have cats or dogs. We cannot be held liable for pulled loops if animals scratch at carpets.

. We cannot accept liability for uncompleted jobs or jobs not completed to a high standard if other tradesmen are present in the areas whilst we are fittings carpets or floor-coverings.

. We recommend that all carpets are professionally cleaned periodically. The frequency will depend on the level of soiling, but should be done before soiling becomes ingrained into the pile fibres and starts to cause a faster rate of wear. We can provide a professional carpet cleaning service at an extra charge.

. We cannot be held liable for any problems such as shrinkage resulting from carpets or floor-coverings being fitted in wet areas.

. We cannot be held liable for the loss, expense, damage, delay, costs or compensation which may happen to the customer arising from:

. Our failure to carry out a service which is beyond our control (such as delayed deliveries to ourselves)

 . Existing damage to customers property.

. All carpets using a spun yarn will shed excess fibre when first installed. The duration of the shedding of these fibres will vary dependent upon the frequency of vacuuming and the type of machine used. This is to be expected and does not mean there is a defect.

. Carpet samples we have to display may not be from the same production batch as current stock and therefore should only be used as a guide and not as an exact match.

. If we are required to carry out any additional work there will be additional charges applied.

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